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Anne Varner, Karen DeVanie



2023 NYC BBA Distinguished Favorite

Two Sisters Investigate a Murder Cover-Up Two sisters who host a true-crime podcast get the scoop of a lifetime when they are given intimate details about a murder cover-up in their hometown. The sisters, named Sarah and Emily, are determined to solve the case and bring justice to the victim. The victim, a good-natured teenager named John, was killed by his best friend, Michael. Michael and John were part of a toxic friendship that had spiraled out of control. On a clear Friday night, the two friends met up and a shot rang out. John was dead, but his body was not found for over two years. Sarah and Emily's podcast, called "The Unsolved Murders," quickly becomes a hit. The sisters interview witnesses, track down leads, and uncover secrets that the town has been hiding for years. As they get closer to the truth, they put themselves in danger. The sisters eventually learn that Michael and John were planning to kill someone, but they couldn't agree on who. The sisters also learn that Michael's father, a powerful businessman, helped to cover up the crime. Sarah and Emily's podcast brings the truth to light and forces the town to confront its dark secrets. The sisters also shine a light on the forgotten victim, John, and resurrect his importance in the biggest event of his young life.
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True Crime

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