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A moving memoir of a courageous codependent woman who found hope and healing on the back of a horse. Conley explores the ways in which horses enriched her life, and how the process of making herself into a rider also helped her become the person she most wanted to be. “Susan alternates between her personal struggles and growth, and her desire to learn more about horses. What she finds is that there are some things that are true whether you are at the barn or at home: the important, yet elusive, joy of self- love; the satisfaction in self-improvement; and that simply being present is one of the greatest things horses can teach us.” -Tik Maynard, Horseman and Author of In the Middle Are the Horsemen
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Trafalgar Square Books

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Animals-Pets Nonfiction

Susan E. Conley

Many Brave Fools: A Story of Addiction, Dysfunction, Codependency... And Horses

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