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C. Jill Hefte’s Clarissa Hedgestone and the Blood Moon is a Human Fairy Tale.® For fans of immersive fantasy stories, clever plots, crafty characters, and fairy fiction enthusiasts everywhere, this ethereal and entertaining work offers stunning visuals, fairytale elements, and powerful moments. Through the lore of Human Fairies and their culture, as well as the smaller details of each unique character's role, Hefte builds a bewitching, new fantasy world. The human traits of the fairies move the plot forward amidst the darkly regal settings of the tale. After reading Clarissa Hedgestone and the Blood Moon, you too will believe in Human Fairies. Narrated by Aoife McMahon, a London-based Shakespearean actress from Ireland.
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A Human Fairy Tale Publications

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Audiobook Fiction

C. Jill Hefte

Clarissa Hedgestone and the Blood Moon

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