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Tabula Rasa shatters some of the misconceptions that abound worldwide and prejudices knowingly and unknowingly about the inhabitants, their origins, and Singapore's histories. A must-read to know what this little island has been and is about. - Usha Nagasamy, Further Education College Lecturer, London The commendable research behind the novel stands out, unveiling the contributions of thousands of labourers in the building of the wonderland of Singapore. While it seamlessly weaves the bonding, cultural strengths, and taboos, it also emerges as a rare work of art in male psychology. The world of men, their loneliness, and suffocations caused by their inability to vent out their hurts and insults have been depicted intricately by a female author. - Ethan Wynn, Houston, USA
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Zero Degree Publishing

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Historical Fiction

Jayanthi Sankar

Tabula Rasa

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